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We have been speaking with thousands of blue-collar workers for a while trying to see how we can help them become better allround. Then Covid19 happened and we witnessed the number of blue collar workers that lost their jobs and couldn't get another job.

Hence, we started speaking to a lot of companies about what has changed for them post-pandemic when they hire blue-collar staff and we discovered a lot. To help with these; we decided to build a very simple model around what you are already used to that can help you identify your skills gap and improve you with trainings which in-turn makes you better skilled and ready to get your next job.
Yes 100%, we are a registered company in Nigeria and we are working with global standards in how we train and make you a better professional in your career.
The training itself is free but we require you to pay a sum of NGN 2,500 for:

(1) certificate,
(2) your shareable Employud biodata page
(3) security and background checks on you (our partner companies request this if they will be hiring you)

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